Chimney service encompasses a variety of tasks, including the thorough inspection, sweeping, and repair of chimneys. Additionally, providers may offer expert advice on proper maintenance techniques to keep chimneys functioning efficiently. This comprehensive service entails the removal of unwanted debris, such as soot and creosote, as well as the replacement of any damaged masonry or liners. Chimney inspections are also conducted to ensure optimal safety and performance.


Wiz Chimney Cleaning Service Inc
Chimney Repair
You may be surprised by how abandoned and or ignored chimneys can get. If your chimney is one of those, then there is a solution. Luckily for you, the technicians at Wiz Chimney Cleaning Service are experts when it comes to these concerns.
Chimney Cleaning
Chimney cleaning is a very crucial step in order to burn a safe fire in your fireplace. You will need to keep a regular chimney clean in order to minimize the amount of creosote buildup and reduce the chances of a fire.
Chimney Sweeping
Wiz Chimney Cleaning Service offers the best chimney sweeping services here in Los Angeles. We understand the importance of a clean chimney which is why we set forth great standards when it comes to the sweeping process.
Chimney cap installation/repair
At Wiz Chimney Cleaning Service, we proudly offer Chimney cap installation/repair services for our clients around Los Angeles. Before deciding on installing a chimney cap, It is essential to understand some of the benefits of having it.
Chimney flashing Installation
Flashing is any thin piece of metal and caulking that is used to prevent water from penetrating the outside of your home. Essentially, chimney flashing functions as weather stripping for your chimney and is made up of two major parts.